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Ok. I think I’ve got this mom of 3 thing down pat now. It just took 7 weeks to get back to normal. Well, our new normal. Squeezing in chores between feeding the baby and making school runs. Throwing laundry on knowing it may sit in the dryer for a day or two before being folded and put away. Running errands between nap times. Doing things with one hand. Asking for help when I admit defeat and realize I can’t do it all.

But it isn’t always that challenging. There are days when it goes smoothly and everything manages to get done, and I find a few minutes to sip a cup of tea without anyone needing anything from me. I’ve even managed to get back to cooking from scratch and making muffins and bread on the regular! Our bank account thanks me for that last one! Prior to the last couple weeks, prepared foods and takeout were happening way more than they should have, but that’s what happens when you have a newborn! I had to cut myself some slack somewhere, and food is the easiest one to change!

Next week I am even going to attempt cloth diapering! Which right now seems crazy, since I’m constantly behind on laundry, so adding another 2 loads a week seems insane! But, Id rather try it out than buy another case of disposable diapers and wipes!

Getting back to our frugal life means I can mentally relax a bit, which is a big deal for me. Getting back to a regular laundry schedule during the cheaper times makes me feel better because I know I am saving energy and money. Spending more time in the kitchen cooking eases my stress knowing that I am preparing healthier foods and saving us more money. And yes, the added work of cloth diapers makes me relaxed as well. Sounds a little silly, and I’m sure that means something else will fall behind…so don’t stop by unannounced, because the bathrooms might not be freshly scrubbed, and that laundry might be sitting there needing to be folded.

And getting back to normal also means getting back to this blog! I love writing, and I miss it! I have no idea how I will find/make time for it, but I’m going to give it a shot!

  1. I hope you'll share your experience with cloth diapering. Complex meals and housecleaning have been two areas I've loosened my expectations around since becoming a family of 5! I was reading a book a while back on parenting in other places in the world and some european cultures thought it was crazy to worry about cleaning the house for guests :) Looking forward to seeing more posts from you again!
    • I know it's crazy for me to clean a lot and keep our house super tidy, but the mess stresses me out! The carpet might not be freshly vacuumed, but there for sure won't be stuff all over the place! This baby will be the third one in cloth for us! Oldest was in cloth right up to being potty trained, middle only tolerated them till she was about 15 months old. Curious to see how long we will last this time!
  2. Oh man, mess does stress me out too so I try to keep that under control but, like you, sometimes the stuff like vacuuming gets away from me. Good for you on the cloth diapering front. I just couldn't find a system that worked well for us but maybe I'll try again with Noah when he is closer to the potty training age.

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