The Return of Meal Plan Monday

The Return of Meal Plan Monday

It’s only been oh, 5 months (!!!!!) since I last posted our meal plan. I love sharing our dinner plan with you, and I know there are a few of you who check my plan for your own dinner ideas, so I hope you are as excited as I am to have it back!

I know a lot of people think I’m a little crazy for jumping back into sort of fancy dinners (meaning they are from scratch and sometimes complicated), and making soup and bread from scratch. I feel like I should clarify that my family doesn’t expect these meals, I just really love cooking. If you can count making healthy meals as a hobby, than count it as one for me! I love looking through my cookbooks and Pinterest for new recipes, tweaking them to fit our tastes, and seeing if I can even make it with sale items. And planning out these dinners allows me to relax, knowing that I don’t have to think up dinners at the last minute each night.

But, don’t think things always go as planned. I do have a 8 week old after all, which means sometimes she needs me and I can’t stand in front of the stove or oven for even 15 minutes! That’s when the frozen pizza, box of pasta, or takeout happens. We aren’t perfect, we don’t eat super clean and healthy all the time, but I don’t think anyone does. But this week I will try my best, since we have been enjoying far too many cakes and pies since we’ve had several birthdays plus Thanksgiving recently. When my hubby requests salad for the meal plan, I know it’s time to step up on the veggies, and cut back on the carbs!

So here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Thanksgiving leftovers with the inlaws (turkey, ham, more pie, but lots of veggies too!)

Tuesday – Bill Clinton’s Fav Enchiladas, using leftover turkey (my husband requested this, so a change to the meal plan was made)

Wednesday – Salisbury steak with homemade bread and Greek Salad (with my favourite and super easy dressing)

Thursday – Cheesy Sausage Skillet with garden salad

Friday – Baked tilapia with french fries and peas

Saturday – Harvest bake (with sausage, apples, raisins and rice) and garden salad


I also have plans to make soup at some point, and probably muffins too.


meal plan monday


As always, I am linking up over at OrgJunkie. Happy meal planning everyone!


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  1. I think it is great that you making many healthy meals and snacks from scratch (not crazy at all!). I like how you pair some more convenience items like fries with baked fish. I think you have a pretty good balance. I'm curious about the salisbury steak! From scratch or do you have a "go to" pre-made?
    1. It's more assembling than anything, lol! Hamburger patties (store bought or homemade) and gravy (I use store bought, canned or powdered) and lots of onions and garlic too! Not really a recipe to it. And as for the fries, sometimes they are frozen bagged variety, or homemade, all depends on how much time I have :)
  2. Hi Mo! Happy Thanksgiving and welcome back. I like your openness about sometimes resorting to convenience foods and eating too much over this holiday weekend. Ain't that the truth! I think that if my family eats clean about 80% of the time (give or take) then we're doing fine.

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