Meal Plan Monday – Nov 24 2014

Meal Plan Monday – Nov 24 2014

Another busy week ahead! Can you believe December starts next week? And Advent starts this weekend! Crazy! And that means things are only going to get busier in our house, so next week I am starting a new cleaning schedule, which I will share on the blog later this week! I love lists, and an easy to follow printout on my fridge is exactly what I need to keep me on track. Just like how I plan my dinners, and keep it on the wall or the kitchen!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – chicken Caesar salads (chicken, fries and veggies for the kids)
Tuesday – meatballs, fried rice and broccoli
Wednesday – cabbage roll casserole
Thursday – pierogies with bacon , red peppers and zucchini
Friday – baked fish, fries, and corn

I will also be making some banana muffins this week, and I might make more yogurt too. Yup, I finally got around to making my own yogurt in the yogurt maker I got last year…the year before… Watch for that recipe tomorrow!

And as always, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie.


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