Magi on a Journey

In the past I have shared frugal stocking stuffers, and simple ways to celebrate Advent with your family. This year I am adding something new to our Advent traditions. We already celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas, and count down on Advent calendars till Christmas day, and of course we attend Mass every Sunday (but we do that all year round), this year I am going to attempt a Catholic version of Elf on the Shelf.

I don’t really like the Elf on a Shelf “game”. The idea of having a creepy elf watching your kids every move, and threatening them with telling on them to Santa? Nope, not happening in our house. And now people have taken it even further, bragging on social media about how naughty they can make their elf. Is it supposed to be the elf pulling pranks and doing bad things, like he is going to go tell Santa the kids did it? It’s just weird.

So instead, we are doing Magi on a Journey. Each morning, my kids come down stairs and search for the Magi (wise men) as they travel around our house on their way to the Nativity set, to find baby Jesus on Christmas morning. I did not come up with this idea, I’ve seen it all over the internet for years now, but thought this year my guys would be old enough to have fun with it. Plus I found this really cute Nativity set at Target this year (for only $10!), and the little wooden wise men seemed perfect to wandering our house on their long journey. I’ve seen people use the Play Mobile wise men, which are super cute, but hard to find to purchase. They have pose able arms, so you can make them do fun and cute things on their journey. My wise men will just be placed in a different spot each morning, which is still fun for little kids.

Magi on a Journey


Hope you are all enjoying the start of the Advent season!



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