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Stop drowning, and get organized! My new weekly cleaning schedule.

I thought I had it under control. I thought I was managing the day to day just fine. But I’m always behind on laundry. The bathrooms are never as clean as they should be. And that sticky spot on the kitchen floor from the 3 year old spilling juice last week, it’s still there!
Perhaps I need to cut myself some slack , I do have a 3 month old after all. But I also know I need to adjust. I need to accept how busy things are, and adjust my daily routine to fit it all in. I need to balance everything better. I need a new plan!

So that’s what I’m doing. And it started December 1st; I am taking on a new weekly routine! It’s printed out and hung in the kitchen, along with our giant monthly calendar, and weekly meal plan!

I searched around online and just couldn’t find one that fit our life perfectly, so I made my own! It was super easy, and I thought I would share it with you! Hopefully it inspires you. I used a simple template, no expensive journal/day planner, no fee to download a cute template off etsy. Free free free! The best price, really.

I have written about cleaning schedules before, and they have worked well for me in the past, so I know it will work this time around too. Life is just different now, and it makes sense to adjust what I am doing on a daily basis. This time though, I’m working around school runs, weekly play dates, and of course breastfeeding the youngest member of our family. So the times on this are just a rough guide, and hopefully I can manage to get everything done each day before dinner time. My goal is to finish before dinner, so that once the kitchen is cleaned from that mess, I am done for the day and can relax with my family, and enjoy the bit of quiet time once the kids are in bed. I want the evenings to be my time to crochet, watch tv, and talk with my husband, instead of stressing over what didn’t get done, like folding laundry, or tidying the house. It’s a fine balance though, because if I pack my days too full, it won’t get done, and tasks will spill over from one day to another, and the schedule becomes pointless.

How do you manage everything? I’d love to hear, especially if you are a working mom. I can’t imagine trying to get everything done in the few short hours each night or leaving it all to the weekend. I intentionally have left Saturday as my catch up day, just in case. And Sunday is always a day of rest, other than the usual kitchen cleaning, and maybe a load of cloth diapers, no chores are done.

Here is what my week looks like, and after the first run, it’s gone fairly well. I even had a snag with a sick 5 year old, and a little more Christmas shopping thrown in, but here we are at the end of the week, and I’m on track to finishing everything I had planned to!

Not A Coupon Queens new weekly cleaning schedule

Here is my new cleaning schedule, feel free to download it and use it to help keep your house clean. Or better yet, personalize your very own! (here is a link to the schedule on google docs)



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  2. Looks manageable! I like the focus on small tasks that can be done fairly quickly so you have the rest of the day to do other stuff. When does your deep cleaning stuff like scrubbing cupboards/appliances happen? In the past I've been a fan of the Fly Lady Cleaning Routines but these days most of our cleaning happens on the weekend and I don't get around to nearly as much of the deep cleaning as I'd like. As a working mom, I find decluttering often incredibly necessary to minimize the amount of cleaning and tidying that needs to be done generally. One trick we use for tidying is to have an empty laundry basket while tidying. The laundry basket then moves to each room and is loaded with stuff that doesn't belong and then the stuff that belongs in that room is unloaded. It really saves running back and forth between rooms.
    • I usually do the deep cleaning as needed, and it almost always ends up being left until before we have company or there is a holiday. I wipe my cupboard down daily though, they are white and every little drip and bit of dust shows up and drives me nuts! I keep things pretty tidy daily, which makes cleaning in general a lot easier! I hate when I have to clean before I can clean! And with working around nursing the baby, and dealing with the older kids, its all about small tasks that only take a little bit of time! I've tried that basket idea, but I don't like leaving everything till one day to put away. I'm constantly putting stuff away all day long, possibly in an OCD way, lol! I do have a "never go up the stairs empty handed" rule. I an always leaving stuff at the top of the basement stairs to go to the cold storage, and stuff on the stairs to go back to the bedrooms. So I make sure anytime I'm going to another floor for any reason, I have something else in my hands to p;ut away :)
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