Meal Plan Monday – Feb 2 1015

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 2 1015

And just like that it is February! Time to just flying by this year! Last year seemed like the longest year EVER. Probably because I was pregnant and throwing up every single day, it seemed to drag on and on! But this year? Didn’t we just celebrate New Years? So fast!

Today is a snow day for most of Southern Ontario. My son’s school is open, and we did try to get there. But after pulling the two bigger kids in the sled, through 3 foot snow drifts, I gave up after only a few minutes. We didn’t get anywhere close to the school…so back home we came, and have been colouring, and dancing, and watching a little tv too. Dinner is already in the slow cooker, and I might make some brownies later too. Happy Monday everyone!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – slow cooker beef stroganoff  with peas

Tuesday – my famous spaghetti

Wednesday – chicken fried rice with roasted veggies

Thursday – chicken burgers and salad

Friday – fish with sweet potato fries and salad

I’m sure I will also whip up a batch of muffins this week, maybe some granola too. Happy menu planning everyone.


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