Meal Plan Monday – March 16 2015

Meal Plan Monday – March 16 2015

Well, it’s March Break here in Ontario, which means schools are closed for the week. Which means I’ve got all three kids home! We are planning loads of fun things including play dates, bowling, and we went to the sugar bush today to learn all about maple syrup (and of course buy some and enjoy it on pancakes!).

I tweeted earlier today that because of March Break I may not get around to blogging much. But then I found 20 minutes earlier today to whip up a post about my first month of Topbox. ANd now I have a few minutes to get the weeks’ meal plan posted too. So ignore that earlier tweet, because I am finding time to post 🙂

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – chicken burgers, french fries, peas and carrot sticks

Tuesday – my famous spaghetti

Wednesday – Salisbury steak mashed potatoes and broccoli

Thursday – chicken strips and veggie sticks for the kids, big salads for my husband and I

Friday – baked fish with rice and salad


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