Meal Plan Monday – May 4 2015

Meal Plan Monday – May 4 2015

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day!

So, it’s been how many weeks since I posted? I hope there are still a few of you out there waiting anxiously for these posts  ;).

Life is super busy right now, and I ma having trouble fitting everything in to ever day. Keeping 3 kids alive/fed/happy, keeping a clean house, keeping up on laundry, finding time to work out, work a few days a month, and now I am working with my Parish to start a Mother’s Group too. You know, because I’m not busy enough! And as much as I love writing, blogging started to feel like something I had to do, and thus made me not want to do it. I really hope I can find time to get some posts out, especially ones others than my meal plans, but no promises. I hope you stick around to see what, if anything, gets posted!

I do love sharing our dinners with you, to show just how great planning ahead is, and that you can eat healthy meals on a budget. So here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – homemade burgers and salad

Tuesday – pork tenderloin with easy potato skins and roasted mixed veggies

Wednesday – sweet and sour meatballs with roasted veggies (different ones than on Tuesday)

Thursday – spring veggie tortellini bake (I make a homemade cheese sauce, instead of all the cream cheese)

Friday – Greek dip platter with pita bread

Happy meal planning everyone! As always, I’m linking up with Org Junkie. 


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