Meal Plan Monday May 11 2015

Meal Plan Monday May 11 2015

Oh goodness what a week! I had such grand plans. Blogging ideas, organizing and cleaning tasks that needed attention, but none of it got done last week. We were hit with a stomach bug, and hit hard. We still aren’t all perfect yet; this one is brutal! It seems to come and go, like one day you are fine and can eat anything, and the next you are throwing up again. My poor son has had it the worst!

So as you can imagine, my Mother’s Day wasn’t all I dreamed it to be, since most of us were sick to some degree. But my husband (only ever sick with a head cold) managed to still spoil me and take care of everyone! Gifts, flowers, food, and lots of family time watching Netflix. I turned out to be not half bad!

This week kicks off the crazyness that is baseball season. This year, two of our kids are playing, so that means early dinner twice a week. This also means those nights have to be meals that the kids will eat without fuss. We don’t have time to site there for 45 minutes convincing either of them to eat! I’m still hoping to keep things healthy, and not just give them Kraft Dinner twice a week ;).

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – meatballs in bbq sauce with roasted veggies

Tuesday – honey lime chicken with Greek salad

Wednesday – homemade mac and cheese with ham, and broccoli salad

Thursday – homemade pizza

Friday – baked fish with coconut ginger red beans and rice and roasted veggies

As always I am linking up with Org Junkie, happy menu planning!


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