Frugal Tip Tuesday – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair and Face Toner

Frugal Tip Tuesday – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair and Face Toner

If you have been a reader for a while, you will know my love of vinegar. Usually I am raving about white vinegar and how fantastic it is for cleaning things, but did you know there is another vinegar with about another million uses?!

Apple cider vinegar isn’t just for salad dressing. In fact, I rarely even cook with it! For me, its all all about beauty.

Apple Cider Vinegar 2

Apple cider vinegar has a regular spot in my bathroom, and is a regular part of my beauty routine. It naturally balances your pH, which makes it a great toner. I use it on my hair every other week to bring back the natural brightness and softness. I make a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water and apply it from a squirt bottle onto freshly shampood hair. Leave it on for a few minutes in the shower, and rinse off. No need for conditioner, or even frizz products after wards! Your hair will be glossy and soft and smooth like never before! I’m not sure how this works on colour treated hair, so if you dye your  hair, be careful. Also, make sure you don’t let it run into your eyes, it will sting!

Apple cider vinegar also makes a great toner for your skin. My skin is slightly acne pron, even at 32 years old, and can be tricky to deal with. I want to keep my face hydrated, but sometimes those heavier creams cause me to break out. And the acne products aren’t designed for aging skin! I’ve found what works best for me is a light moisturizer every day and a heavy night cream only a few times a week. I also use the apple cider vinegar as a toner daily to keep any pimples in check. A little vinegar on a cotton pad before I moisturize, makes all the difference in keeping my skin balanced and blemish free!

Considering the price of skin and hair care products, even opting for the more expensive Apple cider vinegar is still a more frugal option. So treat yourself to the organic stuff, and you will still be saving money, and adding a natural product to your beauty routine.



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