Lovely Tid Bits

Lovely Tidbits Vol. 1

Well, Cristina over at Handmaid Embroidery has started a new link up, and I do love a good link up, so I thought I would jump right in!

I know Cristina through the interwebs, I found her blog a while bag, as she is a fellow Catholic, and we have since been “friends” on social media, and have both recently opened Etsy shops! She makes the most precious embroidered hoops, you really should check them out!

So here goes, Volume 1 of Lovely Tidbits

We introduced the big kids to real Monopoly the other weekend, instead of the kids version. It was such awesome family time, and goodness those kids were money hungry and not cutting us any deals!

Making:: Nothing at the moment, but desperate to get back to crocheting pieces for loved ones and for my shop.

Cooking:: Fish! It’s Ash Wednesday, so we eat fish, as we do every Friday.

Reading:: the 2016 Magnificat Lenten Companion

Loving:: My family. Cheesy? Perhaps, but goodness things are wonderful right now as a new family of 6!

Sipping:: A nice strong cuppa tea!

Wanting:: Time! Having a 5 week old is pretty time consuming, I’m still trying to figure out our days and manage my time as best as possible!

Thanks Christina for starting up a cute little link up 🙂

Hope you are all having a lovely week!


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  1. Our family is loving Pictionary and Parcheesi! It's so fun to laugh and spend time away from television, devices and sports!! Thanks for linking up! <3

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