Time Management…the struggle is real

You guys, I had all these great plans. Plans to blog more. Plans to clean more. Plans to work on my Etsy shop more. But we all know what happens to the best laid plans, well, they get derailed.

Adding a fourth kid has been hard. I’m not sure if it’s the actual number of kids we have, or the fact that there are 2 under two, and two others that sometimes act like they are still two…but it’s been hard. Finding time for anything has been a struggle each week, and I have yet to find my groove. Any time I think I have a routine down, something happens to mess it up. Like a growth spurt so the baby nurses 24/7 for days. Or a stomach bugs with the kids, or head colds for everyone in the house. Or me getting to ride in an ambulance with sirens blaring. Turns out I have gall stones.

It seems each day just the basic stuff gets done, and once in a while some extras get thrown in when I’m not completely exhausted. Is this our new normal? I don’t want it to be. I also understand that things are tough now because we do have a little baby. It’s just this phase of life that is hard, and it will get easier. But even knowing that doesn’t always help my mental state.

I had accepted that blogging and my Etsy shop would have to take a back seat, as hard as that is, especially with people launching spring lines and my creative brain is swirling with new ideas. Hopefully I will get my evenings back again, once the baby decided he doesn’t need to nurse for 2 hours off and on each evening, because that was my time to do what I wanted…

I am going to have to figure this out soon though, because life is about to get even busier with the kids sports starting up this week, which takes up our weekends, which had been when I would catch up on stuff. And with these gall stones, I am forced to cook more healthy, with much less processed foods and take out, which we had been relying on…

I did have one great thing to share with you all, you know, something in this post that is useful and not just me complaining! I found this spring cleaning check list. Even though we just got hit with a ton of snow last night, it is still spring, and those pesky cleaning tasks must get done! I managed to get a bunch of these done last weekend before Easter, which was nice! It’s a great list, and manageable to follow with only one task each day!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Hope you are all enjoying your spring…assuming you didn’t get snow like us! And I hope it’s not weeks before I get to share with you all again!

Any tips for how you get it all done? Am I crazy to think I can have a clean house, laundry washed and put away, healthy food on the table, blog occassionally, run a small etsy shop, run a Mother’s Group at my Church, and shower more than once a week….wow, when I write it all out like that it does seem like a lot…



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  1. It is a are right though, it's always hard with a new baby. It seems though, that all the "stuff" happening is telling you to slow down. I hate when that heppens, too. How do I do it all? I don't. I couldn't possibly. One extra thing gets my focus each week and I chip away at it little by little as time allows. Its the life of a mom. Not a bad thing, just a thing with a life and seasons all its own - oh yeah, and absolutely no heads up. Praying for you xo

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