Pokemon Go! Frugal fun for the whole family

By now, nearly everyone has heard of the Pokemon Go, the new app that has taken over the world. Even if you don’t play games on your phone, I’m sure you’ve heard of it in the news. Some people have gone a little nuts trying to “catch em all”, but for the most part it is a great little game that is getting people moving outside.

Having grown up in the 90s, I’m well aware of what Pokemon is, and the craze that it was. And currently having a 7 year old, I know that the video games, movies, cards and toys are all still very relevant. Did the obsession of catching, training, evolving, and battling the little creatures ever go away? For some it didn’t! But for many, this new game is a blast from the past, letting them relive their childhoods while on their lunch breaks from their office jobs, and letting them bond over it with their own kids.

It’s also getting people outside and moving! For those that aren’t normally very active, it forces you to get up and move around. You have to physically go to the different Pokestops and Gyms, and if you want to hatch those eggs, you gotta put the steps in! If you’re thinking “oh, i’ll just cheat and drive around in my car”, you can’t! The game knows if you are driving, and the steps don’t count when you go that fast. And sure, you can lure the Pokemon to you and use incense too, but the rare ones won’t fall for that! And certain types of Pokemon, like water types, only hang out in certain areas, so they won’t be lured either. If you really want to “catch em all”, you’ll have to get up at some point. Sure it’s not a tone of physical activity, but for those that don’t get any regular walking in, it’s a start.

It has only been out a few days here in Canada, and we are all hooked. I’ve got it on my phone, and so does my husband, so things have gotten a little competitive! The kids love it too, of course, so it’s been fun for us all to talk about and play together. It has also gotten us out of the house more. Sure, we are an active family, but with 4 kids it can seem like too much work to get them all out of the house every day to do something fun. Now something like a simple walk through the neighbourhood, which they previously wouldn’t have wanted to do, is exciting because we might catch some new Pokemon! And instead of just going to a park or splash pad, we will also walk around to see what we can find.

And when you have 4 kids, doing something fun every day in the summer can get expensive. Pokemon Go is free to download, and doesn’t use a ton of data when out and about. Of course you can quickly level up by spending real money on items, but it really isn’t necessary.

If you haven’t given it a try yet, go ahead and download it, you might be surprised with how quickly you become hooked! And with anything on your phone, please don’t do it while driving, and pay attention when walking too. You don’t need to stare at the map while out and about, so keep your head up and enjoy the sites as you explore parts of your area you might not have ventured before.


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