Snack Hack: itty bitty frozen chocolate bites

Snack Hack: itty bitty frozen chocolate bites

I’m a chocoholic.To the point that I feel a little anxious if there isn’t any chocolate in the house. But, thankfully I don’t need a lot to get my fix.

A couple of years ago my husband bought me a Costco pack of full size chocolate bars as part of my birthday present. He gets! I started out eating the bars in their entirety, and felt totally gross.I still wanted them, but an entire chocolate bar a day was too much, so I got out a cutting board and chopped them all up, and my new favourite treat was created!

This portion control became even more important when I was rushed to the hospital in extreme pain, and I eventually learned I had gall stones. I’m still waiting on surgery to have my gall bladder removed, but in the meantime I am able to maintain my health and keep the painful attacks at bay by eating a low fat diet. Skipping the deep fried foods has been ok, and I do miss pizza,  but I really miss buttery chocolaty sweet treats and baked goods. I can still enjoy a treat, just in much smaller portions.

This gall stone business has forced us to eat super healthy these past few months, and it really is amazing how your cravings and tastes for things can change. I wouldn’t dream of eating an entire chocolate bar now, it would upset my stomach for sure, not to mention my gall bladder! So an itty bitty sweet treat is all I want!

It’s such a simple idea, but such a great way to get that chocolate fix without a huge amount of fat or sugar. And sure you could just buy a bag of those mini bites already cut up, but you must know by now that I’m all about doing things in a slightly more frugal fashion.

chocolate bites

If you were expecting a recipe for a chocolate snack, you aren’t going to find one here. This is a super simple hack:

  1. Buy your favourite chocolate bars (in bulk or on sale), I use Mars bars since they are lower in fat than other bars.
  2. Cut the bars up into tiny bit size pieces (mine end up being about 1cm by 1cm).
  3. Place them on a tray lined with parchment paper and stick in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  4. Once they are frozen, dump them in a freezer bag, and feel free to write a threatening message on the bag so the rest of the family knows they aren’t for them! (freezing them prevents them from sticking, so you are less likely to get a whole bunch at once, it’s all about portion control, right?!).

Keep them in the freezer too, this way you are less likely to eat them often. If you have treats on the counter, in the fridge, or even a cupboard you open often, you will want to eat them every time you see them. Plus, keeping them frozen makes you eat them slower, which tricks your mind into thinking you are getting a bigger treat!

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