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Frugal Friday Hacks

How to save money when hitting the drive thru: don’t buy combos!

I know I know, the kids always want the kids meal for that precious little toy that will get played with for about 5 minutes, but don’t give in! We only buy kids meals if its their birthday, or maybe the toys are really good (like Star Wars!), otherwise we order off the value menu. Cheap burgers, share some fries, and have a drink at home (since we almost always get the food to go). It can take your expense from $30 (or more) for one family down to around $15! And back in the day when my husband and I were just dating, we’d share a combo, spliting the fries and drink, and buying extra items off the value menu. Even as teenagers, we were frugal! Most fast food places have free refills too, so why pay for two cups if you plan to eat there.

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