Not A Coupon Queen’s 2016 Wishlist

Christmas WIshlist 2016

Not A Coupon Queen’s 2016 Wishlist

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, it’s time to really start to think about Christmas shopping. I have started mine, and made a large dent in mine already, but there is still lots left to get. I love waiting for these sales, since even here in Canada our stores offer big savings on these days. Every year I say I want to get my shopping done before Advent starts, so that the Advent season can be calm and quiet, and really focus on Jesus. But here I am,  4 days away from the start of Advent, and not done my shopping!

As much fun as it is buying gifts for others, it’s fun making your own little wish list too. My husband is amazing at gift giving, but even he still likes some ideas, and he passes ideas on to his parents as well. Unfortunately, I’m dreadfully practical when I make a wish list for my hubby. It often contains things I could just buy myself, that don’t need a special occasion, but hey, sometimes a new appliance is nice!

  1. New kitchen faucet – Our kitchen faucet is the super cheap basic one that the builders put in, and ever few months it needs a small part replaced and the handle tightened. The is only a few dollars, but it’s becoming more and more frequent and it is super annoying. I know we would never just go out and spend money on a fancy faucet, so why not ask for it as a gift?! Also, who knew they were so expensive! I’m aiming for one in the low $100 price range, but so many of them are up in the $400 range! This one I found at Lowes is a great price, has good reviews, and has a pull down hose too!

2. Flannel bathrobe – I’ve got a super fluffy and cozy white bathrobe, but I never wear it because the sleeves are really wide and get in the way when I do anything! So I’d love a cozy robe with tighter fitting sleeves. I just love these waffle ones from Aerie, they look so cozy and comfy, but not too bulky! waffle-robe

3. New oven mitts – My husband will likely laugh at this one, and tell me to just go out and buy them since they don’t cost very much! I’ve got really nice blue ones, but they are 9 years old, and just don’t protect my hands like they used to, and that’s a real safety issue when you cook and bake as much as I do. How cute are these Kate Spade ones?! I’m totally kidding, I would never want to use them out of fear of spilling something, though they aren’t nearly as expensive as I thought they would be! Perhaps I will just grab a new pair next time I’m out…

4. Jaime Oliver Super Food Family Classics – If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time, you know I’m a huge fan of Jamie Oliver (and I even got to meet and hug him!). I’ve been a fan of his cooking and shows and cookbooks since the very start of his career, and he has just gotten better and better. The campaigning he does for children’s healthy eating is fantastic! And I love his cookbooks so very much. I sort of collect cookbooks, especial his, and this new ones sounds perfect. He has taken classic family recipes but amped them up to make them even healthier. SOunds perfect to me!

5. Buffalo Bills hoodie – We are a part of the Bills Mafia (man, how sketchy does that fan nation sound?!), and so why not add to my collect of gear! I would love a super cozy hoodie that I can wear while snuggling my hubby while we watch the games on Sundays. I love the crossover detail of this one.

6. A kettle bell – Working out at home has saved my husband and I so much money and time. And over the years we have collected loads of simple equipment to make our workouts more effective. We often gift each other new equipment for birthdays (I just bought my husband dip bars a couple of weeks ago for his birthday, and he bought me new workout clothes and heavier weights for my birthday in the summer!). But kettlebells are something we don’t have yet. I feel like there are lots of other great workouts I can do, so maybe I should add a couple different kettlebells to my collection. Weights are always a great price at Walmart, and why not get a fun colour like this purple one!

I’d love to hear what is making your list this year! Are you a gadget girl, looking for the latest tech? That was me last year, because I needed a new phone! Or do you love getting new kitchen gadgets, or just clothing? I still feel a little guilty and strange making a wish list, is it rude to ask for things? But you know you will get gifts, and it can take the stress away for your spouse, so go ahead and search around a little and jot some things down. I love getting ideas from other peoples wish lists on their blogs and YouTube, and even the popular section on Pinterest!

What’s on your list this year?

Christmas WIshlist 2016

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