Meal Plan Tuesday – Nov 29th 2016

Meal Plan Tuesday – Nov 29th 2016

Well, the meal plan didn’t make it up yesterday, it didn’t even get planned until about 5 minutes ago! This is a great lesson for you all, learn from my mistake! If I had done my meal plan for the week on the weekend, like I try to do, I would have been prepared! I got hit with a head cold! I felt stuffed up, bad headache, and that general foggy feeling when you can’t think or plan dinners! Luckily, Domino’s Pizza has half price pizza all week, so that’s what we ate last night. Not the healthiest, but thankfully cheaper than other fast food options.

I have now planned the rest of the week, so here is what we are eating:

Tuesday – meatballs, roasted cauliflower and carrots and rice

Wednesday – chicken alfredo (made with a homemade lower fat sauce and loads of veggies!)

Thursday – breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, waffles, and fruit smoothies)

Friday – baked fish with salad and homemade mac and cheese

What meals have you planned this week, I’d love to know!

As always, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie, check out her site for loads of great meal plan tips!

Happy Meal Planning!


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