Meal Plan Monday – December 5 2016

Meal Plan Monday – December 5 2016

We have snow! I love this time of year, and with Christmas only a few weeks away, snow makes everything so much more magical! I know so many hate it, and yes it makes driving difficult, and makes my front foyer a sloppy wet mess, but I love it more than any of the negatives that it brings. I opened all the blinds and drapes this morning right away so that the kids could see the snow as they came downstairs. They were so excited, and got ready and out the door so fast to play in it. It also resulted in a melt down from the 5 year old in the school yard, since she wanted to keep building her snowman instead of going in to school. I know dear, I’d rather play in the snow all day too!

So this cold and snow day calls for a fitting dinner I think, so I’ve changed up the order of my original meal plan for the week, here’s what we are eating:

Monday – Veggie chilli

Tuesday – Chicken tacos

Wednesday – Kolbasa with cauliflower and rice

Thursday – roasted turkey sausage with carrots and beets and crispy potatoes

Friday – baked fish with mac and cheese and veggies (this was planned for last Friday, but I switched it up and we had calamari instead)

I’m also baking some healthy oatmeal cookies (made even healthier by swapping out the chocolate chips for raisins) and some whole wheat banana muffins for the kids lunches.

Happy Meal Planning everyone!


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