Frugal Friday Hack – Super Fast & Kid Friendly Christmas Decorations

Frugal Friday Hack – Super Fast & Kid Friendly Christmas Decorations

Looking for some super easy Christmas decorations to make with your kids? This simple ornaments are perfect for your own tree, to give to grandparents or even teachers!


#1 Yarn Stars

Supplies: yarn (any colours you have!), cardboard (cardstock, or cut up an old tissue or cereal box)

These are super simple, all you do is cut out a star shape and wrap the yarn around. I used an old tissue box, but you could use colourful card stock. We went classic with our yellow yarn, but I’ve seen these done with multicoloured yarn too, which looks great! I used a little tape to hold the yarn in place and then my 5 year old daughter wrapped and wrapped and wrapped! Tie the yarn to finish, and tie on a little loop so it can be hung on the tree. These would also look super cute strung together as a garland. img_20161208_104354

Can you spot which one I did?


#2 Popsicle Stick Friends

Supplies: popsicle sticks, markers, paper and a glue stick.

Again, super simple to make, all you do is colour the sticks to look like Christmas time friends. We did Santa (that’s mine!), Rudolph, Frosty and an Elf. You can get fancy and use mini pompoms for the red nose, or little buttons for Frosty, or you can just draw them on. We added paper for the hats and ears, and just glued them on with a glue stick. You could even add some pipe cleaners for some antlers on Rudolph! Make it as simple or creative as you want. Glue a loop of fun ribbon on the back so you can hang them on your tree, or stick them as is into a Christmas centrepiece or plant!



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