Meal Plan Monday – January 23rd 2017

Meal Plan Monday – January 23rd 2017

Last week, I just wasn’t feeling the whole blog thing. Do you ever have weeks like that, where you just can’t get yourself to do something? The week before had been busy with getting ready for our youngest sons’ 1st birthday, so last week I took it easy. I also have baby blankets to crochet (2 new babies in our family!) and it was my 9th wedding anniversary, so I just wanted to take it easy and relax, and not have anything I just had to do. But, I will say this, just because I didn’t post on here about my meal plan, I still made one! meal planning is a total life hack, and something I feel so passionately about it. It will help you save time each night, and at the grocery store, and save money too. Plan your meals around what is on sale at your favourite store. Shop your own pantry and use up what you’ve got. Plans quick dinners or ones that you can make ahead for those busy weeknights. Prep veggies ahead of time so that you can easily and quickly throw together a healthy meal for you family. Knowing what you are making for dinner can take away so much stress, you won’t be scrambling to toss something in the oven at the last minute, or worse, hitting the drive-thru.

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – BBQ chicken sandwiches and salad

Tuesday – beef tacos with corn, and lots of fresh veggies

Wednesday – my famous spaghetti (using ground turkey and whole wheat pasta)

Thursday – big salad with chicken (the kids will eat the chicken and the veggies that I put in the sale for my husband and I)

Friday – baked chili lime fish fillets with rice and garlic green beans

Today I will also prep veggies (carrots, celery and cucumbers) for the week, wash up the grapes, and bake some muffins. And of course, I am linking up over at Org Junkie. happy meal planning everyone!


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