How to Hygge your Home – the Frugal Way!

How to Hygge your Home – the Frugal Way!

Have you heard of the latest home decor and lifestyle trend, Hygge? It’s pronounced “Hooga” and is a Danish term that sort of translates in English, to cozy or coziness. Basically, the Danes have perfected a simple lifestyle and idea behind home decor, that makes their long dreary winters tolerable. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Here in Ontario, we still have a solid two months left of the cold and grey days, and that’s a bit of a downer for my mood.

So many people suffer from seasonal depression and lowered moods due to the lack of sunshine and warm days. If you aren’t a lover of outdoor activities like skiing, there isn’t much for the these winter months to offer. And since most of us aren’t in a position to move to a warmer climate, we might as well make the best of our long winter.

The philosophy behind Hygge is a little complex, but basically it’s a way of turning a room into the ultimate cozy spot to enjoy a quiet night in, and to simply enjoy that moment. In Denmark, it goes further, and even limits the topics you are allowed to talk about (nothing too serious!), but for the sake of this blog post, and I’m sure a brutal interpretation of their beloved term, I thought we would just focus on making a few key changes in your living room to make it extra cozy, and on the cheap too!

how to hygge your home


The first thing I want for a cozy winter evening is a nice soft blanket. We have a basket full of cozy blankets to snuggle under, but wouldn’t something super luxe make that snuggle even better? This faux fur blanket is on sale right now for 75% off at Chapters, and comes in three colours!

Luxe Cozy Throw in Taupe, by Indigo


A cozy room isn’t complete without the soft flickering light of a candle. I’m not a fan of scented candles (they give me a headache) and open flames make me nervous. Battery powered ones are the perfect solution. These Ikea ones are such a great deal at only $12.99 for a set of 3, and you just quickly turn them over to turn them on or off!

STÖPEN, LED block candle, from Ikea


Now that your room is looking great, you really can’t enjoy it if you are still in your tight jeans or work clothes. Why not slip in to some super comfy thermal pjs! I just love the ones Old Navy sells, I have two pairs! They come in loads of cute patterns, and are on clearance right now, which makes them even better!

Thermal Crew-Neck Tee for Women, from Old Navy

What else would you add to make your space cozy? Having a fire going would set the mood too, or maybe even just the fireplace channel on your TV! Bake some goodies, or buy them from your favourite bakery, enjoy a glass of wine or some hot chocolate, and you’ve got a perfect little night.

Snuggle with a loved or, or alone, watch a movie or enjoy a good book. Make sure you stop and take in the quiet and enjoy that peaceful moment. And the best part, you didn’t have to spend a tone of money, which could easily dampen your mood more. It doesn’t need to be a weekend away to a cabin, or a remodel of your home, a few small changes and you can get your Hygge on like everyone else!

We can, and should enjoy the winter. The grey skies put a damper on my mood, but with that faux fur throw over my lap I might just be able to tolerate the next 2 months!

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    1. Lots of people already make their houses cozy during the winter, but it's nice to have a name to give it and follow for am example. It sure helps to change your mind set a little during all these gloomy grey days!

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