My Proactiv+ Journey – 6 week update

My Proactiv+ Journey – 6 week update

I’m a fan.

More than a fan though, I love this product. You see infomercials your whole life, and the booths in the mall, but never actually try the product. Maybe because my acne was always manageable, and never really really awful. Until it was that bad, at the end of 2016. Like, the life altering awful; so bad that you cancel plans, and cry when trying to use makeup to hide but it only looks worse. I have enough to deal with in my life, I shouldn’t have to worry about bad skin. I’m 33 for crying out loud! And then you get upset because you are upset over something so superficial! It’s a vicious circle. One that I’m glad I found a way out of.

So this will be my last update on this journey, unless things change in the future, I will continue using Proactiv + because it works for me. After 6 weeks, it is still working great! I’ve found a great routine that works for my sensitive skin, and when a pimple does pop up, it’s gone within 24 hours! Here is my new skin care routine:

Morning –

  • splash water on my face, and pat dry.
  • apply the Pore Targeting Treatment to spot treat any blemishes (this is normally the Step 2, but I do a different routine in the morning, as my skin is very sensitive, and the products are strong and can over dry your skin if you aren’t careful)
  • apply the Eye Brightening Serum under my eyes
  • apply a light moisturizer (right now I’m using Neutrogena Moisturizer Oil-Free for Combination Skin) and any makeup (though I’ve been going makeup free most days because my skin is so great! just applying a little mascara and lip gloss and filling in my eyebrows)

Night time –

  • wipe any makeup off using my homemade face wipes
  • wash my face with the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator
  • apply the Pore Targeting Treatment all over my face and neck
  • apply the Eye Brightening Serum under my eyes
  • apply the Complextion Perfecting Hydrator all over my face and neck

Once a week, usually in the shower, I will use the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator with the Deep Cleansing Brush, with the micro-massage silicone head. My skin can only handle this extra exfoliation once a week. I also use the Mark Correcting Pads once a week, or when a stubborn pimple just won’t go away, which has only happened once in the last 6 weeks! And since I don’t use all the products twice a day, they last longer, which makes the cost a little more manageable!

In general my skin is much more balanced, no longer super greasy by the end of the day. My pores are less visible too. The colour and texture of my skin is much more even and just generally healthier looking. Check it out:

Excuse the lack of eyebrows, without makeup I don’t have any! That’s a post in itself really, frugal eyebrows! lol!

Thanks for following along on this journey with me!

If you are thinking of trying it out, I suggest you don’t wait any longer and give it a shot! They have a great money back guarantee, so what is there to lose?! Also, right now, you get 25% cash back if you order through Ebates! Sign up for Ebates first, and click-through their link! I have paid for all these products with my own money.

If you missed the first two posts in this journey, with my before and 10 day pictures, you can find them here: The Start of my Proactiv+ Journey and My 10 day update.

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