Meal Plan Tuesday – February 21 2017

Meal Plan Tuesday – February 21 2017

Well, since yesterday was a Holiday, I didn’t get to any blogging! And my husband made dinner, so I didn’t have to plan anything, but the rest of the week needs a plan, so here is what we are eating:

Tuesday – grilled chicken with carrots and caesar salad

Wednesday – homemade burgers and double chocolate cake (my oldest is doing his First Reconciliation tomorrow, and so he gets to pick dinner and have a fancy dessert too)

Thursday – roasted whole chicken with potatoes and veggies

Friday – baked fish with veggie fried rice and broccoli

Chopped up veggies for the week for easy snacking, and will also be making a batch of banana muffins. It’s not too late to plan your dinners for the week! For more ideas and inspiration check out Org Junkie.


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