Meal Plan Tuesday (again!) – Feb 28th 2017

Meal Plan Tuesday (again!) – Feb 28th 2017

You guys, we got hit hard with illness this past week. 1 kid after another hit with a stomach bug and then head colds! My oldest daughter ended up with a double ear infection, and home from school for 3 days. So, things have been a little crazy. I had every intention to get the next post in my Frugal Vacation Series up, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen! Hopefully this week!

As for dinners, well, we ended up with lots of take out, since my husband and I weren’t get any sleep thanks to 3/4 of the kids being sick and up all night. This week though, we’ve been off to a good start, and I’m praying we are nearing the end of all the illness!

Here is what we are eating for dinner:

Last night – tray dinner  with peas (turkey sausage, red pepper, onion, sweet potatoes and red potatoes, tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper, and tossed on to foil lined baking sheets. Super easy, super healthy, super delicious!)


Shrove Tuesday – Pancakes and fruit smoothies and bacon too! And any of the treats and junk food that are still in the house, to finish them up before Lent starts!

Ash Wednesday – Some sort of veggie loaded tomato sauce on top of whole wheat pasta

Thursday – pork cutlets with potatoes and asparagus

Friday – baked fish with veggie stir fry

Hope you all are having a good week, and a healthy one too!

mpm-chalkboardcheck out Org Junkie for lots of ideas!

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