Meal Plan Monday – March 13 2017

Meal Plan Monday – March 13 2017

It’s March Break! Which means I’m swamped trying to keep 4 kids entertained! So it’s just a quick post this week to share the dinners I have planned for the week.

Also, in case you missed it, here are 2 other great posts from last week:

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And, here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Big salads with chicken and loads of veggies and garlic green beans on the side (my oldest daughter loves salad, the other 3 don’t! So they eat the veggies and chicken, and skip the lettuce)

Tuesday – pierogies, chicken and broccoli

Wednesday – Taco rice casserole (I will share this recipe later!)

Thursday – mince and totties with extra veggies (this is basically shepherds pie, but all the parts are kept desperate)

Friday – veggie chili 


As always, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie.

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