Meal Plan Monday – March 27th 2017

Meal Plan Monday – March 27th 2017

Anyone else feel like March blew by super fast? I’m having a hard time believing that April starts this weekend!

I hit up Costco and No Frills today, without kids! It’s so much easier and faster when I don’t have to lug two (or more!) kids with me, getting them in and out of the car seats, and answering a million questions while trying to shop as quickly as possible. I know I can’t be the only one that enjoys shopping alone, it’s practically a vacation when you have as many kids as we do!

I always mean to take a picture of my shopping cart, since I know I love seeing what others buy, but I forgot again, so instead here is a shot of my fridge (don’t zoom in too much, it is in need of a good spring cleaning!)


So, based on all that I bought and shoved in to the fridge and freezer this week (plus stocked our basement cold storage and the cupboard), here is what I will be cooking:

Monday – chicken tacos

Tuesday – slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches and salad (that recipe is the most popular post EVER on this blog, so it’s worth checking out!)

Wednesday –¬†healthier Sheppard’s pie (using ground turkey) and extra veggies on the side

Thursday – my famous spaghetti

Friday – baked fish with veggie fried rice

Hope you had a chance to plan out your week, if not, don’t fret, there is still time!

Check out OrgJunkie for more ideas!

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