Meal Plan Monday – June 5 2017

Can we try this blogging thing again? I really need to get back to living frugally and eating healthy, and I feel like you guys keep me accountable!

April and May were quiet around here. If you follow me on Instagram, you know we had listed our house for sale. We had big plans of moving to a new city, a bigger home, and cashing in on the high real estate market here in Ontario. But just like most situations when you think you are in control, God has other plans. So here we are, having wasted the entire month of May living a very exhausting and stressful life, still in the same home. But, it’s now freshly painted, de-cluttered, and we are trying to be thankful for what we have, because not everyone has a place to call home.

So through that month, we were living in a staged home, that didn’t feel like home, trying to keep 4 kids from making a mess, and not stink up the place with cooking. There was a lot of takeout. Oh so much takeout! We tried to mix it up, and eat healthier options, because no one was happy living off burgers and fries! It was expensive, and so very unhealthy!

So today I am back to meal planning! I am back to prepping veggies for the week, baking healthy muffins, and planning healthy and frugal dinners that please the entire family.

I am also back to blogging!

So stick around as we do some upgrades on our current home, personalize it a little more, of course on a budget. And stick around for lots of great recipes and meal plans.

But enough about all of that, here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – my famous spaghetti (with store bought lean meatballs, as per the kids request) and grated zucchini added to the sauce (shh, don’t tell the 5 year old!)

Tuesday – cheesy beefy chili bake (from Good Cheap Eats by Jessica Fisher) with garlic green beans

Wednesday – bbq’d chicken breast sandwiches on whole wheat rolls with garden salad

Thursday – home made pizza with lots of veggies

Friday – baked fish with crispy potatoes and steamed broccoli


I will also be baking some whole wheat banana muffins and some garlic herb soft pretzels (also from Good Cheap Eats by Jessica Fisher)


Hope you found time to do a little planning and prepping for the week! For more tips and recipe ideas visit Org Junkie.



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