More Frugal Summer Fun

More Frugal Summer Fun

Not all of us have access to beautiful sandy beaches or even a pool in our very own backyard. But fun can still be on the agenda this summer, and it doesn’t have to come at a high price either!  From extra A/C bills and high priced summer camps (we are sending our oldest to one for the first time this year!) things can add up fast. So let’s take the burden off your bank account with some frugal summer fun!

Be a tourist in your own city: We usually plan to hit a few of the bigger tourist attractions each summer. This is one time I WILL use coupons. As a family of 6, the big attractions get expensive very fast when you pay full price. Free admission for kids with a paying adult, or half price admission coupons can often be found on-line (my kids’ school even gives out “fun passes” at the end of the year with free kids admissions to may great attractions around our province). Sites like Groupon and stores like Costco also have discounted tickets too, so check those out before paying full price for the zoo or amusement park!

Playgrounds: Fresh air, exercise, and its free fun! We like to head out first thing in morning before it gets too hot or too busy. We have our favourite parks that are close to our house but we also like to drive around different neighbourhoods and find new parks. Pack snacks, meet up with friends, and suddenly you’ve got an awesome day that is costing you next to nothing! Playgrounds with shaded spots, splash pads and washrooms are even better!

Board games: Looking to do something at home on rainy days, or even ones that are too hot to go outside? We love board games! From simple games we can play with the younger kids, to the multi night battles of Monopoly and Risk with out oldest son once the littles are asleep, we do it all! Board games make great gifts (my kids love giving and receiving them!) and are such a great investment to make for many years of fun ahead! As always, watch for them to go on sale, or even buy them second hand or at garage sales, just make sure all the pieces are there.

Library: Can’t exclude one of my favourite resources from this list! Free books, movies, video games, and even camps and activities for the kids? How can you not love the library! We have some pretty incredible ones in my town, and we love to go regularly during the summer. Extend the fun by hitting up a park near by to read those books, or even a local ice cream shop, if the kids manage to stay quiet while at the library ;). Pick up movies for a fun afternoon. Try making it a themed visit by only picking out books and movies about a certain topic. Find books full of crafts and activities or a new cookbook to test out with the kids. The possibilities are endless, and come at the best price!

Water balloons: Water balloon fights are pretty awesome. But let’s face it, the task of filling all those balloons, only to have them destroyed in about 3 minutes is no fun at all. In the last few years, this bunch-o-balloons invention has changed all that! You can fill a ton of these in just minutes with just your garden hose! Super easy, and super inexpensive when you buy them on sale or at Costco (bought that  big pack for less than $20! Enough fun for at least 2 afternoons!).

frugal family fun

I’ve posted lots over the years about frugal family fun! Saving money in any way is such a passion of mine, but even more so when it comes to family fun. It really does make the activity more fun for me knowing I saved money, or spent none, on a super fun day for my kids. And it’s a great way to teach your kids that spending money doesn’t lead to happiness, fun can come from free and simple events!

What ways do you keep summer fun frugal? I’d love to hear about how you keep your kids entertained during the summer, without breaking the bank! Share with me here, or on social media! Find me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter! Share whats on your summer bucket list!


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