Meal Plan Monday – Oct 16 2017

Meal Plan Monday – Oct 16 2017

We ate so much junk food this past weekend, thanks to my son’s birthday party. Leftover pizza and chips and cake, oh my! So I made sure to pick up some salad kits and lots of fruit to help with healthier lunches this week. I always make sure the kids get lots of fruit in their packed school lunch and when at home, but find I neglect my own need for fruits and veggies sometimes. Having a salad for lunch really helps with that, and the salad kits from Costco are so yummy and at less than $4 each, you can’t go wrong! One bag is enough for my husband and I to share for lunch, I add precooked chicken breast pieces, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, and even some pear or apple slices. We also only use half the salad dressing that comes with those kits, which cuts down on the fat and calories. Quick and easy, and I prep all the other veggies at the start of the week, so it’s even easier!

So along with those healthier lunches, I’m trying to stick with healthier dinners too. It’s hard though, once it starts to get cold I want nothing but carbs and buttery mashed potatoes, and all those thick creamy soups! Of course, there are ways to lighten all those favourites up, and I try to do to that as much as possible! But this week, we are sticking to cleaner things:

Monday – breakfast for dinner (chicken sausages, hash browns with peppers and fruit smoothies)

Tuesday – baked chicken  zucchini risotto and steamed broccoli

Wednesday – homemade burgers (on whole wheat buns) with corn on the cob

Thursday – big salads with chicken strips

Friday – fish tacos (made with pan seared tilapia) and veggie sticks

Hope you found some time to plan out your meals and even do some prep! It really makes life easier as you head into another busy week!

As always, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie! Stop by for lots of other meal plans and great recipes!

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