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Bring Back the Board Game

We love board games. As kids ourselves playing with friends and siblings, when we were just dating, and now nearing our 10th anniversary with 4 kids of our own! They seem to have always been a part of our life.

We have a very large collection, including some from our own youth, and many newer games, and all the licensed children’s character games you can imagine! Now that our oldest son is 8, it’s great to get out the harder games like Monopoly and Risk, and have epic battles that last for days!

There is just something about the competition, the laughter and even the frustration. It’s a great teaching moment when a turn doesn’t go your way, or when you don’t win. But it’s also about quality time and great family fun! And now, with so many devices in the house, it’s nice to do something without screens!

We are always up for trying out a new board game, and recently had the opportunity to try out Rubik’s Race. Rubik’s Race is a fast paced game for two players that gets your brain and fingers racing. It takes the idea of a Rubik’s Cube to a new level, laying it out flat, in a totally different way. You race head to head sliding your tiles around to get your tiles to match the pattern, and be the first one to slam down the divider.

It’s such a simple concept; we’ve all done those little puzzles where you slide the tiles around to complete the picture, but add in the element of a race, and suddenly it’s not so simple! I raced head to head with my husband, and thought for sure I would win. I seemed to be moving along quite nicely and nearly finished when all of a sudden he was done! I was so focused on my own side, I didn’t take advantage of the window to peak at how he was doing!

My oldest son, who is 8, loved the game. He was so focused and quickly figured out how to move the tiles around, and was so proud when he finished. My oldest daughter, who is 6, found it a little difficult, though I’m sure with some practice, and a little more time, she would have figured it all out.

Rubik’s Cubes are such a classic toy, I love the nostalgia of this game, and love the new take on it. And just like most board games, it would make a great gift. I feel like board games retain their value and get way more use than other toys that get out grown quickly. So keep board games on your radar as we head into the Christmas season!

I love frugal things, it doesn’t get more frugal than a FREE game for you! You can win this same Kroeger Game!

To enter do the following:

  1.  Visit the Kroeger Play Facebook page or Kroeger Play Instagram page
  2. Comment on this post and tell me another Kroeger Inc game that you’d love to try
  3. I encourage you to like/follow either of their pages, as they share lots of fun things (though it’s not required to enter the contest.)

This contest is open to CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY and will close on October 25th at 11:30AM EST



I was provided the Rubiks Race game for free from Kroeger Inc. All views expressed in this post are my own.

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