Faith Fridays

Faith Fridays – A New Idea

I’m sure you all know that I’m Catholic, as is my husband and our children. I don’t post often about overly preachy topics, but I know it usually gets mentioned around Christmas and Easter. It’s not that I ever wanted to hide it, I just wanted to keep this blog about frugal tips.

Years ago a felt a longing to write about my Faith, so I started a second blog. You thought keeping up with one blog was hard? I don’t know what I was thinking trying to to write on two consistently! It’s still out there in the interwebs (for now) but I have wanted to incorporate some of my Faith into this blog for a while now. So Faith Fridays has been born. I’m not sure if it will be every week, but expect a little chitty chat about life as a Catholic or ideas to celebrate Feast Days or how we keep Holidays Holy.

I also run a Mother’s Ministry at my Parish, and we meet once a month. I put a lot of time and effort into preparing interesting topics for those meetings, so I might as well put that work to more use here on the blog!

I pray this doesn’t turn any of you off from coming back, as I will still post out meal plans on Mondays and other fun frugal filled posts on Wednesdays. And I’m sure Faith and frugality will cross paths and some Faith Fridays will have a frugal twist to them!

So for now, to start out slowly, I will just share a link to a post I wrote for the Catholic Mother’s Ministry website. It might just be something you need to read if you struggle with bringing little ones to Church:

An Encouraging Word 

I’ve got exciting plans for this little blog, and I hope you all continue along on this journey with me.


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