Meal Plan Monday – November 6th 2017

Meal Plan Monday – November 6th 2017


Do you ever venture to a different grocery store? I usually stick to the same combo of No Frills and Costco, with an occasional Walmart thrown in when we need other things like toilet paper and diapers. But the sales at those stores this week weren’t that great on meat and fresh veggies, so I went to Fresh Co instead. They had roasts and chicken on sale, and their prices on other items are pretty decent too (though I don’t get as many PC point shopping there, which is a bummer). I love looking through the aisles seeing the different brands that different stores carry. I don’t like how much longer it take me because I don’t know the store nearly as well!

I think I planned a decent week of meals, especially considering the lack of sales!

Monday – perogies and stir fry veggies

Tuesday – breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, and fruit smoothies)

Wednesday – slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken and rice

Thursday – roast beef with potatoes and carrots

Friday – baked fish with broccoli and rice pilaf

Also, are we the only ones still eating Halloween candy? Nearly a week later, and we still have loads of Halloween candy in our house! And we have been eating it, lots of it, every day! My kids were out with my husband for 2 hours, hitting the entire neighbourhood. It’s too much. And this is coming from a chocoholic and sugar loving woman!

My husband said that yesterday was his last day for it, maybe I should follow his lead…

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