5 Reasons You Should Bake

I love baking. I always have. But today we aren’t talking about me. I wanna share why YOU should bake!

So here are 5 reasons you should bake:

  1. It’s Frugal – You wanna save some money? Start cooking and baking from scratch! The main ingredients in most baking (flour, sugar eggs, etc) are super inexpensive. One bag of flour goes a long way in baking, and will only set you back a few dollars! Granted some specialty ingredients do cost more, but even paying more for those items, you will still save money compared to the pre-made stuff.
  2. It’s Healthier – Baking from scratch is so much healthier than buying packaged products. Stuff on grocery store shelves are usually loaded with refined sugars and preservatives. When you do the baking you aren’t adding ingredients that will keep something from going stale. And baking doesn’t always have to mean treats like cakes and cookies. Think bread and pizza crust or tortillas, savoury items too like making your own crust for a Quiche or chicken pot pie! A few simple healthier clean ingredients can make so many different things.
  3. You Have Control – When you cook and bake from scratch, you control exactly what goes in your food. This is so important if you have food allergies in your home, or just want to swap out certain ingredients. This goes along with making your food healthier too. If you want/need to use different flours, use flax instead of eggs, or switch out oils for applesauce, you can easily do that. You make that food exactly as you want it!
  4. It’s Science – Baking is science! Get your kids involved, and explain the chemical reactions that happen when you bake! It’s pretty incredible to think that the same milk, eggs, sugar, and flour can make so many different delicious things! Learn about the different leavening agents, and how they work, and experiment with them in different amounts to produce different results. Pleasing to the mind and palate!
  5. It Can Be Fun – Now, I know not everyone thinks it’s fun. Not everyone is a star baker, and if you struggle with baking, it might not be an enjoyable activity. But practice makes perfect right? And maybe you don’t love hanging out in the kitchen that much, but I bet those you share your baked goods with appreciate and enjoy it! It can be such a great stress reliever too!

Today alone, I baked a dozen whole wheat banana muffins and a dozen carrot cake breakfast cookies. Both healthy, both cost just a few dollars to make. I know exactly how much sugar is in them, and I swapped out regular flour for whole wheat. It was fun, relaxing, and my kids are going to be so happy when they get home from school!


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