Meal Plan Monday – November 13 2017

Meal Plan Monday – November 13 2017

Hope everyone is staying warm! I know it’s the middle of November, but it feels kinda sudden that it’s cold and snowing. But, I’m not complaining, I love winter, and love the snow, even though I hate being cold. As I type this I’m in a cozy sweater and enjoying some hot soup! And my tea intake has tripled! Anything to stay warm without cranking the thermostat too high!

I feel like lately I’ve been alternating between easy weeks and more complicated weeks in the kitchen. This week I’m keeping things pretty simple, though I will do baking! I’ve got bread dough resting right now, and will make muffins for the kids tomorrow.

Here are this weeks’ dinners:

Monday – breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, homemade bread and fruit smoothies)

Tuesday – pizza and veggies sticks

Wednesday – take out! Hitting up Wendy’s since we have some coupons

Thursday – chicken drum sticks with veggies and rice

Friday – veggie chili

As always I’m linking up over at Org junkie. Stop by Laura’s site for lots of great organizing tips and dinner ideas!


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    1. I just searched through all my settings, and I have no idea where that option is. I'm hosted on, so I guess its a feature they do....sorry I can't offer more help!

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