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Faith Fridays – Blessings From School

As much as we’d like to think we are the biggest influence on our children, their teachers play a huge role. After all, they are the ones with our children all day long. As a devout Catholic family, we wanted to make sure the core values we teach at home were part of our children’s daily life at school, which is why we chose to send them to a Catholic school. Yes, as parents, we are the first educators when it comes to our values and our Faith, but Catholic teachers enhance those core values and reiterate them all day long.

Over the years my children have had many incredible teachers. Teachers that have truly helped shape the outstanding children they are today. We know how blessed we are to have had such wonderful experiences at school.

Coming from a large family, our children know what is expected of them when it comes to pitching in around the house and helping the other children. Their teachers have seen this helpfulness and thoughtfulness, encouraged it, and used it to encourage other children too. Our children are expected to keep their school bags and coats and other belongings in the proper place, and they are expected to pick up after themselves too. Their teachers have seen these habits and happily reinforce them.

Our oldest son was very shy, but loved to help his teacher, so she encouraged this. He would be called on to help tidy up the class room; sorting out the different toys into their proper bins and keeping everything organized. The praise and recognition that he received for this act boosted his confidence immensely, and helped in every other aspect of school. Even though he had always been taught this at home, the encouragement coming from a different source, made it more motivating.

Our oldest daughter loves being a big sister and teaching the younger ones anything and everything. When she was in Senior Kindergarten, she was always encouraged by the teachers to help the younger students. At recess, she would help get them back to class when the bell rang. During class time she was encouraged to help her younger classmates learn new games, and helped cheer them up if they were having a sad day. Because this behavior was encouraged so much as school, she has been trying to teach her younger sister to read and sound out words, and loves to be helpful in any way she can around the house.

Other teachers may have seen these children as being particular and bossy with tidying up and keeping things neat, or as over bearing and forceful with the younger classmates. And even as parents, we can often view these character traits that way. But thankfully, Catholic teachers understand that they are helping to teach life lessons to these children. They saw these as teachable moments which they could use to build up confidence and encourage positive behavior. Catholic Teachers do not just help our children to study math and science and learn new prayers, The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association embodies the core values that we want our children taught at school, through the teachers themselves expressing these values, providing them with living examples every single day.

It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. To have the patience to deal with so many children at once, the constant questions and the constant noise. To go through all that while teaching them new things, and trying to shape them into decent human beings too. It’s not an easy task, and as a mother of 4, I can imagine how hard it is being an elementary school teacher! We are so blessed to have the teachers we do, helping to shape the character of our young ones and reinforce the values we teach at home.

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