Year: 2017

DIY Frugal

How to Hygge your Home – the Frugal Way!

Have you heard of the latest home decor and lifestyle trend, Hygge? It’s pronounced “Hooga” and is a Danish term that sort of translates in English, to cozy or coziness. Basically, the Danes have perfected a simple lifestyle and idea behind home decor, that makes their long dreary winters tolerable. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Here […]

Skin Care

My Skin Care Adventure – the start of my Proactiv+ journey

For most of my life I have battled acne. Starting around 12 years old, and only getting brief breaks while pregnant. It has been physically painful and so very frustrating! I remember very clearly getting my first pimple. I didn’t care too much about it at the time, but a boy I had a crush […]

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