Meal Plan Monday – February 12th 2018

Meal Plan Monday – February 12th 2018

What a weekend! Did you get more snow where you are? We got dumped on, and than finished the weekend with freezing rain! Our van was frozen solid this morning; I had to get my husband to yank the doors open and get the layer of ice off the windshield for me! I think we are all over this weather by now! I’m ready to start complaining about how rainy the Spring is and how hot Summer is!

I’ve got a fairly easy meal plan for this week, since I know its going to be a busy week. Its the start of Lent on Wednesday, so we will be having fish twice, and of course pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

Monday – Chicken nuggets and roasted cauliflower and peppers

Tuesday – Pancakes with fruit smoothies

Wednesday – Pan seared cod with veggies fried rice

Thursday – My famous spaghetti (using ground turkey)

Friday – Popcorn shrimp  with roasted veggies and garlic parmesan noodles

As always I am linking up with Org Junkie, check out her site for loads more recipe ideas!

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