Faith Fridays – Life is the test, and our Catholic Teachers help our kids ace it!

Faith Fridays – Life is the test, and our Catholic Teachers help our kids ace it!

My children recently brought home their report cards. Before even looking at them, my son said that his teacher told the class that the Learning Skills and Work Habits section was more important than the actual letter grade. He continued to say that maybe you don’t know how to multiply right now, but the important part is that you keep trying and you will get it eventually. And boy was he right! The fact that his teacher stressed this to the class is incredible. We try to teach our children that they don’t have to have the highest grade on the test or be the top athlete, that it is way more important that they truly try their best. I was over the moon to hear this same lesson coming from his teacher!

Raising kids is hard. The pressure that comes with shaping them into decent human beings can feel overwhelming when you sit down to really think about it. Learning to follow rules, be compassionate, wait your turn, respect others, try your best; it’s a lot for kids. And we as parents, can’t always teach them these things. No matter how many times you tell your kids something, sometimes it needs to be learned out in the real world.

Teachers are the ones who are out there, dealing with tough peer situations as they happen, helping our children make the right choices, or learn consequences if they make the wrong choices. They are the ones reminding them to try again when they fail, to be a little kinder to someone, and to help someone out who is struggling. We can’t hold their little hands forever, and we need to accept that other adults will have an influence on them. Being comfortable with who those adults are, and knowing they will reinforce your families’ values and your Faith is so important. I know that my kids Catholic Teachers have my back, and are doing an incredible job at helping us raise good Catholics.

Every day I am thankful for the Catholic teachers that my children have had. We have had nothing but positive experiences, and our children have grown and are better people thanks to the values and morals that their teachers have helped them learn. They make any moment a teachable one, something as simple as telling the class to quiet down becomes a lesson on being considerate of others and respecting their needs. A simple reminder before handing out report cards is enough to change a kid’s perspective on their grade. Instead of feeling like a failure because of a lower mark than a class mate, they are encouraged to try again, and that your attitude towards learning something new is just as important as actually learning it.

Teachers teach life lessons to the class about how to interact with each other, those lessons cross the boundary of the classroom and help prepare them for real life. Social skills and life skills are just as important, sometimes more, than the math or science lesson that’s on the board. Because in the end, life is the test, and us parents can use all the help we can get!

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