Meal Plan Monday – Feb 26th 2018

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 26th 2018

The sun is shining and its above zero! I’m not getting my Canadian hopes up, because we all know it can randomly snow in April, but goodness its nice out there today!

I made it to the grocery store this morning, and headed over to Costco once it was opened, but suddenly felt weak and feverish and super stuffed up. Guess our house might be getting hit with another round of whatever is floating around out there…with me getting it first? YIKES! So I got half the shopping done, will pick up the rest later once I have a little more energy. So, we only have food for dinner tonight, but not much else for the rest of the week, and only part of the snacks and lunch stuff for the kids, since I was due for a big Costco run…maybe I’ll be ok to head over right before closing tonight, because I can only assume I will feel worse tomorrow!

So, this is my planned meals as of right now, though I have hardly any of the food, lol, and its might change if I am getting sick!

Monday – Big salads with chicken fingers

Tuesday – Tacos (ground turkey on whole wheat wraps with loads of veggies)

Wednesday – My Famous Spaghetti

Thursday – turkey sausage tray bake with loads of roasted veggies and potatoes

Friday – Veggie chili


And as usual, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie, so head over there for even more dinner ideas!


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