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Frugal March Break Fun – how to easily plan theme days for your kids school break

Staying home for your spring break this year? We are! I’m not a fan of crowds, so we are staying around the house and avoiding all the touristy things in Toronto that everyone will be heading too. So, with help from my kids, we have been planning some theme days for each day of March Break. It’s an easy, and fun way to keep your kids interested, up doing fun things instead of just watching tv the entire week, and can be customized to what they are interested and their ages.

We are following a basic formula, which makes it each day easier to plan out.

  1. A Movie (finding movies or shows along our theme from the library or Netflix)
  2. A Science experiment/learning activity (can be adjusted to your kids age level)
  3. A Snack (home made or store bought, search on Pinterest for ideas!)
  4. A Craft (print off some colouring pages, or search Pinterest for ideas)
  5. Toys (pulling out all the toys we own from that theme, and that all they get to play with for the day)
  6. Themed Dinner

Some theme ideas:

  • Ocean Day
  • Pirate Day
  • Comic Book Day
  • Space Day
  • Cowboy Day
  • St Patrick’s Day

While we ate breakfast this morning (our first day of March Break) we planned out the activities for the day. I love getting their input, and it got them really excited! Here is what we are planning for our Ocean Day:

  • Watching Find Nemo while eating goldfish crackers
  • Will it Float? Experiment,  Salt Water edition
  • Designing our own tropical fish
  • Ocean themed crossword puzzle
  • Ocean documentary (while the youngest naps, we will pick one of the many ocean docs from Netflix)
  • Fish and Chips for dinner

You can of course go even further by adding costumes or decorations, which we will for some of the days I’m sure. Maybe do an Olympics day and get outside in the snow (if you have some), or do a nature day and go for a hike. For us, with the ages of our kids right now, it’s not easy to take all 4 of them somewhere by my self (other than a grocery store!), so we are sticking to the house for most things.


And of course, these ideas can be used for any break your kids have from school; over Christmas or summer vacation too.

Have you done anything like this before? What themes did you pick? Follow me on Instagram, I’ll be posting more about each days activities over there as they happen!

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