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Disconnect and Reconnect – March Break edition

It’s no secret that we love board games in my house. I have always loved them, and am so happy that my kids do to.

  • They make great gifts: they get played with way more over the years than other toys.
  • They can be educational in many different ways, including teaching life lessons of being a gracious winner or loser!
  • It’s a great time to bond with your child in a device free way

I’m going to admit, that we do have board games on our devices, like Monopoly and Risk and Scrabble on our phones and Xbox, which kinda goes against the entire point of this post. My point is, that technology isn’t bad, we love technology in our house. But sometimes, it needs to be put down, turned off or silenced, so you can just focus on the fun at hand.

Setting up a board game at your kitchen table, getting out some snacks, laughing and playing with your kids, it’s just the best! That old fashioned type of fun, where no one is checking emails or scrolling Instagram or texting anyone.

Thankfully my kids are still young enough that they don’t have their own devices that are attached to them at all times. But hey, retro is cool right, even if retro means stuff from the 90s to your teens (can we pause and just acknowledge how crazy that is!). Make it a fun games night for everyone! Get them to invite that friend over that they are always texting with. Be the good example and put down your own device too. Go shopping for fun snacks together.

Kroeger Inc offers an amazing line of fun games for the entire family! Including these two awesome games The Wizard Always Wins and Rubiks Battle card game! Check out their Facebook Page to see what they are up to!

Have you played a board game during March break? What are you family’s favourite ones?


I was provided the The Wizard Always Wins and Rubiks Battle game for free from Kroeger Inc. All views expressed in this post are my own.

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