Meal Plan Monday – March 26th 2018

Meal Plan Monday – March 26th 2018

I cannot believe that it is the last week of March already, and that is is Holy Week. What an emotional and busy week for so many Catholics and Christians all over the world. As we brace for His death on the cross and then celebrate his resurrection, I do not take lightly that I can easily and freely part take in all that I want to this week, while so many around the world cannot. As we all prepare for Easter this weekend, and all the festivities that you are planning and going to attend, please do not forget the reason for all of it, and keep those that cannot celebrate their faith openly, in your prayers.

Our meal plan looks similar to most weeks, but I also have a Brunch to plan for Sunday as well, and hopefully I can share that with you later.

Monday – Hamburger Helper (made with ground turkey and adding lots of veggies!)

Tuesday – Chicken tacos

Wednesday – Homemade pizza (ham, chicken, pepperoni, onions and broccoli)

Thursday – My famous spaghetti

Friday – Baked fish with lots of veggies

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