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Product Feature – No Pong

Ok, a new little once and a while series that I’m going to be doing, is sharing a great product that I have discovered. I often come across great products, frugal or otherwise, that become a part of my daily life, and maybe you will like them too!

First up is an anti odourant!

no pong anit odourant

Yes you read that correctly, it’s NOT a deodorant and it’s NOT an antiperspirantĀ either. No Pong, is an all natural extremely effective balm that you put in your arm pits. It works to create an environment that bacteria don’t like, and stop you from smelling. Deodorants masks smells with other smells, and antiperspirants block pores to prevent you from sweating. So No Pong is completely different. And unlike many other natural products (I’ve tried about a dozen, including making my own!) this one actually works!

I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks, and its been hot here in Ontario, and I don’t stink! Normally in these temps, especially when we aren’t used to the heat yet, I get stinky fast. And once my shirt gets damp and then I sweat again, the old bacteria is still there (gross!) and reactivates and things get extra smelly. But since using No Pong, I haven’t smelled! Even after 2 hours at the park and going for a run, I was sweaty, but no stink!

I’m also generally a very sweaty person (even as a baby I was always sweaty!), if I get too cold I sweat, if I’m hot I sweat, it’s just a constant battle for my underarms. But since using No Pong, I’ve even been sweating less. They don’t make this claim about the product because every person is different, but they say they get many reviews that mention this. Over time, your body produces less sweat. Perhaps it is no longer over producing sweat in an effort to get it out of your antiperspirant clogged pores. I think of it like how I have oily skin; if I over wash it and dry it out, my skin freaks out and produces more and more oil. Maybe my arm pits were doing that too…

Whatever the reason, I’m happy, less sweaty, and don’t stink at all! I would highly recommend this product, and for only $6, its much more affordable than other similar products.

This post was not sponsored. I bought No Pong with my own money (only $5.95!) from their website. And I’m loving it so much, I just had to share about it on here with all of you!

For more info, and a list of ingredients, check out their website: No Pong



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