Faith Fridays – 6 ways to keep your Faith alive during the summer!

Faith Fridays – 6 ways to keep your Faith alive during the summer!

Do you find your family’s’ faith fades a little during the summer months? I know my Parish is a little less full during the summer, and I only hope this means another Parish out where the cottages and cabins are is a little more full.

Maybe you are busy travelling and so many of us rely on the school to educate our kids on their Faith, so the summer can be a quieter time spiritually, but it shouldn’t be! There are so many great ways to not only keep your faith alive during these hotter months, but ways to let it grow!

Road trips – do you find yourself making that long slow drive to the cottage each weekend? Or perhaps you are planning a road trip somewhere great. Take advantage of that time in the car to listen to some Christian music, or pray the rosary together as a family. If you can’t pry the headphones and devices from your kids, at the very least try to say a prayer for safe travels before you leave home!

Pilgrimage – not all of us can afford a trip to Italy or other Holy sites overseas, but I’m sure if you Google it, you will find a local shrine near you that you can visit. And if there isn’t one close by, plan a day trip to one, or try to stop at one on your way somewhere else.

Different Parishes – if you visiting a different city or town this summer, make sure to stop by the local Parish! Even if you are staying home, sometimes it’s fun to hit up a weekday Mass at a different Parish, or even a Sunday Mass at at a different Parish. I know my kids are always curious to see the insides of other Churches, and to met other Priests.

Entertainment – my kids are, thankfully, big readers, and are currently doing a reading challenge for the summer. Letting them picks their own books is great, but try to sneak a Bible story in there once and a while. Arch books have great bible stories that are easy to read and understand. If you are trying to stay cool in some air conditioning or stuck insides on a rainy day, add a biblical movie or some Veggies Tales into the mix, Netflix has lots of great options!

Camp – summer camps aren’t just sleeping in cabins and hanging out by a lake anymore. From music, to sports to STEM, just about every interest is now covered by a day camp! And this includes Church camps! Many Parishes in my area offer day camps, so call around and find one near you, it’s bound to be a great mix of sports, crafts, prayer time, and bible stories!

Summer Reading – so many of us adults plan to read more during the summer months, sure there are great fiction books to pick up for a relaxing read, but why not pick up a Catholic book and learn more about your Faith. Authors like Lisa Hendey, Jennifer Fulwiler, Danielle Bean are fantastic Catholic authors offering great advice for moms. And one of my personal favs Motherhood Matters by Dorothy Pilarski is perfect for summer reading!

Did I miss any? What are some ways you grow your Faith during the summer?

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