Summer Vacation Reflections

Summer Vacation Reflections

It’s the last day of summer vacation for us. I count today as the last day, since on the weekends my husband doesn’t work, so I’m not doing all the parenting all day by myself and it’s a little easier. School starts back on Tuesday, and we are all excited! Excited for routine and schedules, excited to see friends we didn’t see over the summer, excited to get back to the usual. We’ve had a pretty great summer this year, and I feel like we’ve finally got a good groove going as a family of 6!

Do you ever reflect back on the last little bit of your life? Count your blessings? Physically check off that bucket list? Try to take some time this weekend and look back at the last couple months, focus on the positive, even get the kids involved and ask them what their favourite part of the summer was! So often we make to-do lists and bucket lists, but do you actually check things off? Maybe you did other things that weren’t on that original list. Pause and give thanks for a great summer, for all the good moments and fun things you did, and learned. Feeling crafty? Get the supplies out and draw pictures and write lists and decorate them and share with each other. It’s a great way to get the kids back into a little school like project (I know some teachers even do this the first week of school!), and it’s a fun way to remember how awesome your summer was!

This summer we did somethings a little differently. Like my road trip with just 2 kids to Ottawa (which you can read about here and here). We hit the library every single week, picking out new movies and so many books. My older two kids read nearly 4000 pages each over the summer! Some novels, some beginner novels, lots of graphic novels and even stories to their younger siblings. We explored beaches and playgrounds and Provincial Parks; I impressed myself with what I was capable of doing with them on my own! We got training wheels off bikes and learned to tie shoes too! And my 4 year old learned to write her name because she starts school next week!

It wasn’t just a big summer for the kids, I started out strong with blogging, though August I slowed down a little on social media. My husband and I cleared out the basement, de-cluttering and donating tons of stuff we didn’t need to hold on to anymore. We stayed successful with our Keto diet, and are still enjoying the benefits of it and finding it’s way easier to maintain and stick too than any other “diet” we’ve done before! And, we’ve managed to get our difficult youngest kid to eat the same dinner as everyone else a few times! If you’ve got a stubborn little one, you know how hard it is to stay strong as a parent and win a food battle. And he’s also been doing so much better at Mass each Sunday, he’s hitting his stride at 2.5 years old, which makes life for all of us a little better!

I feel like the unofficial theme for our summer was growth. Yes, the kids all got taller, but they all matured a little bit too, learned new skills, found new interests and challenged themselves a little too!

I’d love to hear how your summer vacation was! Was there anything that didn’t get checked off your bucket list? There is still time! Don’t let Starbucks fool you with their PSL, it’s technically not fall for a few more weeks 😉


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