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Faith Fridays – Back to School

It’s the end of the first week of school for my kids, and we are settling in nicely to our routine again. Things are a little different this year as I now have 3 out of my 4 kids in school. My precious little 4 year old started Junior Kindergarten this year! She is so sweet and smart and was so excited for her first day, and really every day of school this week. She is much braver than I am.

This week I have been full of emotions. I have felt guilty for treating her like a “little kid” these last few months; that maybe I didn’t prepare her enough for school. Guilty that I was a stay at home mom so she didn’t experience this “drop off” concept because she didn’t go to daycare (yes, you read that right, mom guilt isn’t just for working moms!). But, I have also been so excited for her to experience new things and to grow! Excited for myself to have a break again with only 1 kid at home. Excited for one on one time with our youngest son. It’s a constant back and for of joy and panic and it’s been exhausting!

But I’m also thankful. Thankful that while she starts school she has been so brave and so excited about it. Not all kids enjoy school, and I know first hand how hard it can be on a family. My oldest had a very hard time adjusting to kindergarten, but now in grade 4 he loves school so much! And my other daughter loves it too, so I know how blessed I am to have these children that love learning and love socializing at school.

And of course it helps that they all have great teachers! Ones that love to teach, love their Faith, and take great care of my kids while they have them during the day!

And remember, whether you home school or send your child to school (Catholic or Public) their Catholic education starts with you! It is our job as parents to see that our children get into Heaven, their love of their Faith starts at home, and we must continue to educate them on the Churches teachings. Let the school supplement what you teach them and show them at home, be the example of amazing Faith so that they continue to grow and love their faith all through their years.

I hope you all have had a blessed start to the new school year, and I leave you with a sweet prayer that the Archdiocese of Toronto shared this week:

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