Meal Plan Monday – September 10 2018

Meal Plan Monday – September 10 2018

Good morning and happy Monday to you all! I haven’t kept up with posting our meals plans lately, but I promise you I still plan out each week. Not only does it save you money when shopping, but it makes dinner time so much easier! The craze of week nights is real, after school activities and homework fill our evenings, so having my dinners planned out if a life saver!

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday – burgers (kids get buns, hubby and I eat ours bun less, often topped with bacon and mushrooms)

Tuesday – homemade pizza (kids get a traditional flour crust, I make a fat head dough for us keto eaters, topped with lots of meat and cheese and veggies!)

Wednesday – baked crispy chicken wings and raw veggies sticks. I use this method for them so they are super crispy! Hubby loves traditional Buffalo sauce (equal parts Franks and melted butter) and the res of us eat a garlic/Parmesan/butter sauce.

Thursday – tray bake with sausages and veggies

Friday – baked salmon with broccoli and homemade dill sauce

I will likely bake muffins for the kids’ lunches and whip up some chocolate cheesecake fat bombs for the hubby and I to snack on.


Hope you all give meal planning a try. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Shop your house first to see what you have to use, and then check out whats on sale at your fav grocery store! Plan around that and it will make dinner time smooth sailing, and you will save money too!

As always, I’m linking up with Org Junkie, check out her site for even more inspiration!

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