Frugal Fall Fashion

Fall fashions are my absolute favourite. Cozy layers, earthy hues, cute boots and jackets! Living in Ontario, we get 4 very different seasons, and it seems like in the fall I am able to dress just to look nice, and not as much to fend off the elements. Winter is about staying warm, spring about staying dry, and summer about staying cool. In Autumn, I can put together cute outfits without worrying as much about freezing, getting soaked or melting in the sun (though of course, there are days that are exceptions to this, and we don’t like those days do we) For many of the last Fall seasons I have been breastfeeding or pregnant, which means my wardrobe was pretty limited. This year I’m doing neither of those, so I get to enjoy all my favourite pieces and even some new ones, and I simply cannot wait. So even though right now many days still feel a little summery, and it’s not technically Fall for another week, I’m dreaming of all that fall will bring! I’m sharing some of my favourite frugal pieces with you, perfect transition pieces for these in between days, and some that add a little warmth for those cooler mornings and nights!
Plush-Knit Long-Line Open-Front Sweater for Women in Icelandic Mineral – from Old Navy
Cardigans are staples for me all year; these longer ones are great to wear with some comfy leggings or skinny jeans. It’s the perfect layering piece for cooler days!
  • Don’t forget watch for it to be on sale or use a coupon code.
  • Buying it in a neutral colour helps it to be more classic, so you can wear it for more years and with more outfits. Though, I will admit I have an Old Navy one in purple and one from H&M in hot pink, which is fun to brighten up a white tee and dark denim outfit.
Boots are a must for fall. Hiking, knee high or even little ankle booties; fall is the time to wear them all! Once the snow hits, I stick to cozy water proof boots, still cute, but more casual and practical. I’ve got a great pair of taller brown leather boots that I wear all the time in the fall the fall; they were a great deal because I bought them at Winners, but still over $100 so they are an investment for sure!
  • If you don’t have money to spend on new boots every year: invest in a classic style and colour
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on these. If you take care of them they will last!
  • Clean any dirt and salt off them as often as you can, and seal them before each season to help them last even longer.
Last year I bought a pair of ankle boots similar to these, and wear them all the time!
Delicia Womens Ankle Boot in Black – from Soft Moc Canada
Having a chunky block heel means they are comfy to wear, and easy to chase after kids in them too! I love them with a dress and leggings or with skinny jeans rolled up above the ankle.
  • As always watch for sales! I thought these boots were going to be super trendy so I waited to buy a pair, and didn’t want to spend very much on them. But they seem to be here to stay, so perhaps investing in a classic pair is a good idea, or if you go a little flirty with a fun colour, spend a little less. Either way, never pay full price!
  • Or even better, check out a local consignment store, I have one near me that always has amazing pieces including great footwear!
Women’s Emelie Conquest Boot in Burro – from Sorel 
And I’ve been eyeing these beauties, and so many others on the Sorel website, this season. I’ll have to keep a watch for a sale, because they are a perfect casual hiking style boot! For fall, since I don’t have to worry about rain as much as I do in the Spring, I love a cozy fleece! So soft and warm, and goes with everything from joggers to skinny jeans! On cooler days, I live in a black asymmetrical full zip hoodie from Bench (can’t find a similar one online, mine is a few years old), that I’ve had for years. These two options are also great: that Abercrombie & Fitch one I’m seeing all over social media! And nothing beats a classic North Face full zip!
Asymmetrical Snap-up Fleece in Black – Abercrombie & Fitch
Women’s Crescent Full Zip in medium grey  – from North Face
What are some of your must haves for Fall?

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