Meal Plan Monday – Oct 1st 2018

meal plan monday

Meal Plan Monday – Oct 1st 2018

Happy October!!! It’s finally cooled off here in Ontario, Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend, and I’ve planned a week of comfort food dinners! Fall is in full swing, and I’m just so happy about it!

Things have been quiet on here, as we’ve been getting projects done around the house, and have been just so busy as we settle into a new routine with school and a million kids activities gradually rolling out over the last few weeks. Just when I thought we were settled, this week I’m adding my Mother’s Group back into things, my son wants to join our Parish youth group, and well, the calendar is getting filled up quick!

I couldn’t imagine getting through each week without a meal plan. I know I say this just about every time I post ours, but it’s true. After school activities, after dinner activities, planning early dinners, days where I’m busy with the kids at school or appointments so I need to make sure I’ve got dinner covered. I cannot be scrambling at the last second trying to come up with a meal, or forgetting that we need to eat early because of an early activity. Life is so busy, I have to stay as organized as possible. Plus this saves us money, since I plan our meals around what we already have in the freezer and what is on sale at our favourite stores.

Monday – Baked chicken drums – on sale last week at Farm boy, serving with carrots and broccoli

Tuesday – Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin – on sale last week, bought a 2 pack, serving with roasted zucchini and mushrooms and broccoli slaw

Wednesday – Breakfast for dinner – sausage patties, scrambled eggs, roasted asparagus for the adults and fruit smoothies for the kids

Thursday – Creamy chicken casserole – chicken thighs were on sale, adding in carrots, and mixed greens

Friday – Shrimp and Scallop New England style Chowder – with turnips, carrots and cauliflower

Any of these meal ideas can be adjusted to your own dietary preferences and your families likes/dislikes. Switch up the veggies, if you aren’t low carb add some rice or potatoes, swap out the dairy for almond or coconut milk. Dinners don’t have to be over the top extravagant meals. Keep it simple, plan around the proteins that are on sale, add some veggies and you are done, it really is that easy! And yes, these dinner are all keto, but they are basic recipe ideas that can be tailored to anyone’s needs!

I hop eyou give meal planning a try, or better yet, share with us what you’ve got planned for the week! Check out Not A Coupon Queen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

As always, I’m linking up over on Org Junkie with her Menu Plan Monday, stop by for lots of great recipes and dinner ideas!

meal plan monday

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