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Cozy Winter Slippers – Save vs Splurge

I’m in dire need of a new pair of slippers! It’s one of those things that you don’t know you need until the temps drop, and it’s getting colder here in Ontario each day! I love a good pair of slipper boots for keeping my feet warm around the house, instead of wearing socks, and I have some very specific things I look for when shopping for a new pair:

  1. Style.

    I want them to come up a little above my ankle. This keeps me warmer than a slide style slipper, and looks cute with leggings or skinny jeans or cozy thermal style pjs.

  2. Sturdy sole.

    I need a good grip on the bottom and a little arch support too. I can’t be slipping on the kitchen floors when quickly moving around or on the stairs with a toddler on my hip or a big pile of laundry in my arms.

  3. Tight but not too tight.

  4. Yup, I’m getting really picky. I want them to stay on my feet when I’m going up and down the stairs, but I don’t want them so tight that they feel like socks or shoes either. I’ve got feet issues and tight stuff on my feet too long makes me feel claustrophobic (is that weird, please tell me I’m not the only one!).

Bang for my buck!

And of course I’d love for them to be a great deal too, so that’s where this Save vs Splurge comes into play. I’m going to share 5 pairs that are a great deal (under $30!) and 5 pairs that cost a little more (around $100) that you’d want to invest in, or in my case, ask for as a Christmas gift. Either way, if you are shopping online watch for sales, coupon codes, and always use your Ebates account!

best winter slippers at all price points

This is my last pair, I’ve had them for more years than I can remember. I think I bought them at Walmart, on clearance for like $11. They stretched out pretty fast, but the style of them is perfect, and the grips on the bottom are decent. I’ve bought 2 other styles of slippers to replace these old ones, but nothing is ever right! So lets see what is out there now, at two different price points:


Padded Slippers from H&M. How cute are these? They look super comfy, I love the grey knit and faux fur. I’m not sure the sole is sturdy enough for me, the bottom looks pretty soft, and might wear down kinda fast. Padded Slippers H&M


George Ladies Frosty Slippers from Wal-Mart. Another faux fur/knit combo, which I love. These look super comfy, and I love the split in faux fur on the back. The bottom looks more solid which I like too.Frosty Slippers


George Women’s Moccasin Knit Slippers. Ok, I LOVE these! I love moccasin style slippers, but I want them to come up higher to my ankle, but they are often too low like a shoe or super high up the leg. These looks comfy, great price point, wish I could see the sole better online, so I might have to find them in store to get a better look. Sorry for another Wal-Mart pair, but we don’t have Target in Canada anymore!


MUK LUKS Women’s Legwarmer Chunky Boot from Amazon. These are gorgeous, and a great price for the brand! They have a great sole, and look warm and cozy without being too much like an outdoor shoe. Though some reviews say they stretched out pretty fast, might still be worth a shot.


Women’s Short Fleece Bootie Slippers from Marks. These are perfect! Great sole, cozy lining, they look like they can be flipped down or up depending on how cold I am, which is great. A little more money than the others, but still under $30, and the quality looks much better!


Bear Women’s Slippers by Steve Madden. These look sturdy yet comfy, and come in grey and black. Great price at $50.

North Face Thermobal Women’s Traction Bootie. These are down filled, which is incredible! Described as a hut bootie, they are weather resistant enough to wear out side for a bit (think taking out the garbage or running to the car to grab something), which is nice and means the sole is going to be sturdy.


Dawni Chestnut Memory Foam Moccasins from SoftMoc. I really like these mocs because they are a real suede upper with a faux lining; anything with wool makes me itch! I love how they come up higher in the back, and still have the traditional look you expect on the front. Great sale price too at $60.


AEO Sherpa Bootie Slipper. I just want to cuddle these American Eagle ones. They look super warm and cozy with a decent grippy sole, and a great middle of the road price too!


Out and About Moc Slipper by Sorel. Ok, these are just the prettiest little things ever! I love the grey and purple so much! These again can be worn outside, but I’d hate to wreck them in any water! Real suede upper, with fleece lining and a great sturdy rubber sole. On sale right for 50% at $69.90! These are going on my Christmas list for sure!


Do you wear slippers in your house? Do you have a fav pair? Comment below or share on social media with me!

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